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Dynamic Render

Dream of a world beyond Static Rendering. Where you can change the Materials of objects like Floor, Marble, Wallpaper in Real-Time, control the Sun Rotation with Real-Time shadows and wander around your project with your avatar.

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Key Features

Dynamic Directional Light

We can easily place the Directional Light (Sun) on the real world position and put the 3D Model accordingly. So we can recreate the sun angle and shadows as it does in real life. Plus with presets like Morning, Evening or Night you can achieve seamless transactions between hours of the day with Real-Time shadow changes.

Material Changer

We built our software on top of a Real-Time Render engine, so any change in material will be visible right away without needing to Cook the Textures, which will save a lot of time on variant presentations. You can not only use this module on furniture but every single 3D Object in the scene, how fascinating isn’t it?

Object Changer

You might have different Furniture, Kitchen Utensils, Lamps, Light Switches, even the tiniest details like Door Knob variations. We will configure your Dynamic Render Experience in a way that all your variations can be changed with a button, depending on the proximity. You can also ask for Bulk Scenes like change multiple objects at once, and yes it is possible too!

360 HDRI Backdrop

With the help of 360 HDRI, we can now bring reality to a Dynamic Render Experience even closer. So you can visualize the exact Color of the exterior bouncing off of 3D Objects and Lighting the scene. Also if you have the images, we can use different hours of the day, change them with just a click of a button.

Full RTX Support

Spot, Rectangle, Directional (Sun) and Point light are the industry standard for Renders. All 4 of our light actors has a switch for RTX so if you have enough computing power, we can configure your world to use RTX on every single light source. Which brings more accurate and softer shadows on and behind 3D Objects.

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